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100% of each donation will go directly to Indigenous and Tribal communities in the interiors of Suriname facing COVID-19.

Funds will go to:

  • Food and Medical supplies

  • Transportation

  • Protection and security etc. 


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The COVID-19 situation has impacted Suriname since the beginning of March this year and as of the end of May the situation was relatively controlled with a total of 10 COVID-19 cases reported. The past week the situation changed, and the number of active cases increased exponentially from 10 to 200 active cases as of June 22, 2020. On May 25th the elections in Suriname created a lot of movement, persons traveled between the coastal area (Paramaribo) and the interior (communities in central and southern Suriname). The significance of the spread of COVID-19 and impact within the communities can be mitigated through the support of donations that cover the cost needed for PPEs, communications, education and prevention to minimize the spread between the communities in the interior, including central and southern Suriname.


Joint Effort


On initiative of Conservation International Suriname (CIS), Amazon Conservation Team - Suriname (ACT-S) and The Organization of Indigenous peoples in Suriname (OIS) an action plan has been drafted to support the communities we are working with in the interior of Suriname. 

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